Meet Mindy, Owner/Buyer started in 2017

Meet Elaine, Sales Associate started in 1997

Baker or Cook: Cook

Fave Kitchen Gadget: The Cheese Knife, Microplane

Fave Food: Chocolate Desserts

Specialty: Helping customers find what they are looking for

Meet Rachel, Sales Associate started in 2015

Baker or Cook: Cook!

Fave Kitchen Gadget: Wusthof Chef Knives

Fave Food: Steak & Shrimp

Specialty: Humor and lover of food

Meet Tracey, Sales Associate started in 2018

Baker or Cook: Baker

Fave Kitchen Gadget: ThermoWorks ThermoPen

Fave Food: Homemade Pizza

Specialty: Customer Interaction and more

Meet Julia, Sales Associate started in 2019

Baker or Cook: Baker

Fave Kitchen Gadget: TBD

Fave Food: TBD

Specialty: TBD

Mindy enjoys baking up a storm. Her specialty and most requested item to bake is her chocolate chip cookies thanks to The America's Test Kitchen's recipe and vanilla from St. Maarten.


Mindy was a frequent visitor of Cooks' Emporium for a few years prior to ownership so she is very familiar with the products carried. Besides operations, she also is the main buyer of the store and always open to finding new and exciting products.


Baker or Cooker: Baker

Fave Kitchen Gadget: RSVP 7pc Measuring Cups

Fave Food: Tacos

Specialty: Organizing

Meet Patrick, Sales Associate started in 2018

Baker or Cook: Chef

Fave Kitchen Gadget: Wusthof Chef Knives & Le Creuset

Fave Food: Black & White Shrimp Alfredo

Specialty: Knife care and Sharpening

Esther, Sales Associate started in 2018

Baker or Cook:  Cook

Fave Kitchen Gadget:  Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Fave Food:  Philly Steak

Specialty:  Customer service, attention to detail & team morale

Meet Liz, Sales Associate started in 2018

Baker or Cook: Both!

Fave Kitchen Gadget: Zavor Multi-Cooker

Fave Food: Hummus

Specialty: Knowledge of store items

Meet Christy, Sales Associate started 2019

Baker or Cook: TBD

Fave Kitchen Gadget: TBD

Fave Food: TBD

Specialty: TBD

Kitchenware for Creative Cooking

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