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Author: Mindy Bergstrom

Most of you have heard Cooks' Emporium is planning to go through a remodel. I thought I would provide some details so there are no surprises and inaccurate information out there regarding this undertaking.

With the store remodel, we are also starting the Winter Sale earlier than the Downtown Ames Dollar Days. We will have sections of the store where items are $1, $5, $10, $20 and other fun specials. Shop early since the Winter Sale is for in-store items only, no special orders.

Here is a little Q&A:

Are you going through a remodel?

Yes! We are going to be renovating the store at 313 Main Street and couldn't be more excited! It will be a significant remodel where it will take about 7 weeks to complete. We are working with Integrity Construction!

Why are you doing a remodel?

After being at 313 Main Street for 33 years, I wanted to make a significant investment downtown Ames to keep the store vibrant and appeal to a larger audience. I love shopping local and supporting small business dreams. Plus when you shop small and local, you get to directly impact and support my 8 employees who love serving this community.

What is the timing?

Construction Start Date is February 4, 2019

Tentative Completion Date is Week of March 25, 2019

I plan to have a fun re-grand opening party temporarily scheduled April 12. More to come.

Will you be open during the remodel?

Because it will be faster to be completely shut down, the store at 313 Main Street will be off limits to customers, however, Cooks' Emporium will be in a temporary location a few doors down at 309 Main Street, next to The Diva Inside, in the Sheldon Munn, contract signatures pending. We will not have cooking demonstrations during this time but will pick back up in April. I plan to be closed on Friday, February 1 and Saturday, February 2nd to move all our items to the temporary spot. If you see us wheeling products down the street, say hi!

What are you doing with this remodel?

We have plans to refinish the original hardwood floors, add some built-in cabinets, move the cash register area, move some displays, and completely renovate the demonstration kitchen. Renovating the demonstration kitchen means we will have more space for hands-on classes and will be able to rent the space for your private events too! I also have plans for an equipment rental in the future. :)

What are you most excited about?

With having a larger kitchen, we are going to expand the amount of events, and different kinds of events plus hands-on classes, especially with kids! The store is going to be light and bright. We are also going to have a little kitchen area for your children to play while you shop! I'm really excited to make this investment for downtown Ames and the community who has been shopping here for longer than I've been born, it is just so neat!

Are you changing the products you are carrying?

I will continue to carry the same quality products that you know and love. I will also introduce new products on the marketplace so we have cool things to help with the modern day household. I love finding helpful tools that I would want in my kitchen and also items that are eco friendly.

Will prices in the store go up with a fancy remodeled store?

I'm doing my best to keep costs reasonable and affordable. I receive emails from my sales reps and brands almost every day regarding price increases due to material costs going up and extra tariffs. We usually have multiple options in different price points so we can accommodate everyone. I do have items in the store ranging from 25 cents to $500. I know I hear the word Amazon on a regular basis. Some products we have beat Amazon prices and some we do not. I know Amazon is convenient and even I looked at getting dog poop bags cheaper on Amazon but when I did the math, I really was only saving 2 cents a bag and to me, I'd rather pay the extra 2 cents and see my friends at Treats on a Leash on a regular basis.

Will you be hiring?

I'm always looking for fun, enthusiastic employees to join the Team who share a passion for cooking and customer service. Believe it or not, being a sales associate at Cooks' Emporium is not a walk in the park. There is a lot of knowledge to wrap your brain around with having over 4,300 different SKUS plus me bringing in new products all the time so I'd want someone who is interested in staying with the company for years to come and grow with the business.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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